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MiBAC has the honor and burden of protecting and making known Italian cultural heritage, a prestigious task in which protection and enrichment are considered as two sides of the same coin.

In a social, national and international context, the dynamics and the technology of disseminating information are changing with always greater rapidity, the study of new strategies in promotion and communication of cultural heritage appears essential in order that its frequency becomes a customary habit for many.

Today, more so than in the past, one feels that an agreement on multiple avenues of communication present in contemporary society that, in the last years, is of equal footing with equal with technological information is necessary, unveiling new and exciting potential and fields of application ever more diversified. For this reason, the Administration is adopting practices beyond traditional communication. It is timely and useful to look at the so-called new media, capable of reaching broad segments of the public without spatial-temporal limits. There are still many questions on the effectiveness of modern forms of communication, but one fact is certain: a public agency must accept the challenge of these new dynamics since they are the source (sensor) of varied requests for information more advanced and evident. An equal growth and maturation of the audience that becomes always more knowledgeable in the other “languages” and always more savvy in evaluating the quality and the quantity of the information, that is intended for them, correlates (corresponds) to the always growing and skilled demand for cultural information.  Therefore, the diversity of mediating channels serves to give maximum dissemination of knowledge and promotion of cultural sites to the Italian and foreign public. It is, this, one of the principal aspects to which the operation of the Directorate is directed. Thanks to the adoption of more interrelated media,  it aims to optimize a level of information dedicated to every single event with the required objective of giving greater awareness of the breadth and relevance of the country’s cultural heritage; of making more shared and considered the enjoyment of our complex, cultural heritage; and of promoting activities in all there expressions in the full spirit of service.

The language chosen for informing must be engrossing and inclusive in the way of communicating that is close and engaging: a tone simple, direct, and clear that can spread the emotional benefits and worth that this Administration is proposing to transmit through every promoted event. The aim is also to reinforce positively in the citizens the institutional image of the Ministry. Communication, although not being the remedy for resolving all criticism, has a very important role in the promotion of our artistic and cultural heritage; it is an essential instrument that allows citizens to make it their own and determines the way in which the same cultural heritage is appreciated and enjoyed fully.

To communicate “well” means to permit the public about the cultural levels not known but of a certain enormous richness (diversity), of implementing, with a reading (interpretation), its own individual cognitive process. Maximum understandability, therefore, beginning with individualization (specification) of the purpose (characterization) of the communication, planning the content, selecting only the information of importance considered interesting to the readers.


Communication and information campaigns

What is an information campaign

The information campaign or corporate communication has the purpose of promoting a service or appointment, making it known, and highlighting the positive aspects. A communication campaign may also have the purpose of raising awareness of citizens / users: in this sense, it seeks to promote a specific behavior or attitude towards the event or service for which the Administration is sponsoring.


Campaigns 2010/2011

Choose a message, give it form through an image/poster, a radio spot, a television commercial. These ways form the basis for MiBAC\'s communication and information campaigns.

Consult here the list of campaigns.


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