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General Directorate of Management and Promotion of Cultural Heritage

General Director: Anna Maria BUZZI

Tel: 06.67232925 Fax: 06.67232154 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Foto Anna Maria BuzziThe General Directorate of Management and Promotion of Cultural Heritage performs functions and duties in the areas of the promotion of knowledge, public enjoyment and appreciation of cultural heritage, in accordance with the provisions of art. 6 of the Code of Cultural Heritage, regarding all institutions and places of culture, places of culture in art. 101, paragraphs 1 and 2, of the same Code, which are attributable to the State or made by the State.

In particular, the Director General:

- Expresses the opinion, the area of ​​responsibility, and multi-annual programs of action proposed by the Regional Directors, based on monitoring data of the cash flows provided by the Directorates General for the Organization, General Affairs, Innovation, Budget, and Personnel;

- By promoting awareness of cultural heritage locally, nationally and internationally, including through specific integrated information campaigns, with reference to defined territories, or certain cultural pathways, whose definition and whose contents are developed in consultation with relevant Directorates General and ministerial offices entrusted with delivery of the various institutions and places involved in the promotion of culture. The campaigns may include institutions and places of culture relevant to other entities, public or private, after consultation with stakeholders;

- By promoting, at the request of the offices concerned, cultural agreements between appropriate Italian and international institutions with sufficient prestige, aimed at the organization of exhibitions or shows, pursuant to art. 67, paragraph 1, letter d) of the Code of Cultural Assets, and ensure its implementation, by taking all appropriate steps to facilitate the international movement of works of art affected by the cultural agreements, pursuant to Chapter V of Title I of Part 2 of the Code;

- Oversees the intangible property rights of the State derived from exhibitions, shows or events referred to above;

- Establishes, after consulting the competent advisory bodies, criteria and guidelines for receiving on loan or in storage, property or assets by institutions and places of culture, according to art. 44 of the Code, and provides, on request, the necessary technical and administrative support for the preparation of related documents;

- Operates in functions of guidance and control on the state of cultural heritage, identifying the legal instruments appropriate to individual enhancement projects and the territorial realities involved in them, take care of coordination with the regions and with other public and private stakeholders;

- Provides the necessary technical-administrative assistance for the development of management policies and integrated into the development activities, in accordance with Articles 112 and 115 of the Code;

- Responsible for, in the exercising of development functions, the preparation of tenders and models of standard agreements for the assignment of services to the public, as well as models of acts for the establishment of legal entities provided for in Article 112, paragraph 5 of the Code;

- Responsible for the preparation of institutional arrangements of the State-Regions program on cultural heritage, the arrangements for the integrated enhancement of cultural heritage under art. 112, paragraph 4, of the Code, and for the management of instrumental common services referred to in paragraph 9 of that article. 112;

- Develops guidelines for the identification of forms of management of development activities, pursuant to art. 115 of the Code, or for the definition of cases where it is still necessary to provide custody services for cultural assistance and hospitality to the public in a non-integrated format, pursuant to art. 117 of the Code;

- Provides support for the preparation and regular updating of the minimum standard of quality of development activities pursuant to art. 114 of the Code and provides for the increase of the quality of the inherent services rendered by the administration, monitoring and revision of the Charter of services, including with regard to services rendered in all the public institutions and places dependent on the Ministry of Culture, pursuant to art. 11 of Legislative Decree 30 July 1999, No 286, as amended;

- Ensures, however, through the peripheral ministerial offices, that the development activities are compatible with the requirements of environmental protection, according to the principles of Article. 6 and the criteria of Art. 116 of the Code repeatedly invoked;

- Carries out technical-administrative assistance, in areas of relevant competency, for the contractual or agreement activities of the Ministry, monitoring the relative costs, standards and procedural and financial quality levels, with reference also to services for the public;

- Adopts measures relating to purchases of property or cultural heritage, in the manner provided for in Article. 21 of Royal Decree of 30 January 1913, No 363, and after consulting the competent technical-scientific committee;

- Decides on the assumption of risks by the Ministry to cultural property which has been authorized to participate in exhibitions or shows, in national territory or abroad, pursuant to art. 48, paragraph 5 of the Code;

- Responsible for coordination of the system of educational, communication, dissemination and promotion services in accordance with Articles 118 and 119 of the Code through the Center for educational services, including in relation to the public with disabilities.

The activity of development in the competence of the Ministry was held in compliance with the guidelines of the Director General  of Management and Promotion of Cultural Heritage.

The General Directorate of Management and Promotion of Cultural Heritage supervises Foundation MAXXI - the National Museum of 21st Century Arts, and exercises, according to the directions given by the Minister, the rights of shareholder in the company Ales SpA.

General Directorate of  Management and Promotion of Cultural Heritage is the center of administrative liability pursuant to art. 3 of Legislative Decree of 7 August 1997 No 279, as amended, and is responsible for the implementation of management plans within the jurisdiction of the same.
The General Directorate of  Management and Promotion of Cultural Heritage is divided into two executive offices of a non-general level:

Department I - Management Promotion Programming

Department II - Media and Communications

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