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Each year across the country MiBAC organizes events that involve all its central and local institutions, in addition to the regions and autonomous provinces, in the spirit of full cooperation between the various public and private institutions. On these occasions to meet with the public, Italian culture is enhanced through events on a national and international scale.

Among the most important annual events are:

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Women’s Day
  • Culture Week
  • Museum Night
  • European Cultural Heritage Days
  • Paper Sunday
  • World Food Day
  • Museums in Music
  • International Rights for the Disabled Day

These initiatives represent an important vehicle for promoting knowledge of art and Italian culture and an effective method to consolidate relations with the territory and citizens and encourage the use of cultural heritage.

These opportunities help increase the visibility of cultural heritage sites, thanks to a careful and thorough communication project aimed at all types of audiences.

These events are thus an opportunity and a stimulus for the local territory and the public. First of all, they can be an opportunity to present themselves as less \"protocol-like\", which is more user-friendly in the language and techniques of communication, which are increasingly linked to the use of new technologies, and secondly, they represent moments of coming together and sharing on issues of culture in all its forms.



Trade Fairs

An effective way to publicize the activities and innovative projects implemented by MiBAC is through participation in trade fairs. Again, MiBAC aims to reach broad and diverse audiences (schools, businesses, private citizens, other public and private entities), which are presented from time to time in some of the many sectors of activity.

The exhibition context, by its nature open to many audiences from diverse interests, encourages the informal exchange of information to citizens, the distribution of information materials, the opportunity to participate in round tables, technical meetings, seminars, workshops intended for experts, professionals, schools and research workers, as well as the merely curious.

The size of the exhibition space itself requires furnishing that facilitates the public in finding information and communicates a captivating image of the Administration that is accessibile to the visitor. That’s why careful design and care are taken in the creation of new environments that allow movement and parking spaces that encourage the public to enter, learn, and interact in a welcoming and warm atmosphere.

The identification of the fairs to attend is dictated by the type of institutional protection, restoration, communication and the interests specific to the sector (monuments, archives, libraries, historical and artistic heritage, film, theater, entertainment, landscape) that each year need promotion.

Management oversees all aspects of participation in the Ministry of Culture in important exhibitions, among which are the following:

  • BIT, International Tourism Exchange - Milan
  • The Art of Restoration and Conservation of Cultural and Environmental Heritage Fair - Ferrara
  • FORUM PA – Public Administration Forum - Rome
  • Lu.Be.C – Digital Tecnology - Lucca
  • COM-PA - European Fair on Public Communication of Services to Citizens and Businesses - Milan
  • ABCD - Italian Education Fair - Genoa
  • Mediterranean Archeaological Tourism Exchange - Paestum

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