On June 13, 2012, an experimental educational project entitled “Easy Museum” was launched, under the curation of the following: MiBAC’s Center for Museum and Territory Educational Services, the Superintendent of the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art–Hendrik Christian Andersen Museum in Rome, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio’s Department of Humanties (Arts and Communication Departments), the University Centre for Handicapped Research and Innovation at Cassino (CUDARI), and finally by the National Union for the Struggle Against Illiteracy.

“Easy Museum” was officially presented on April 17th at the conference “Easy Museum: New Communication Equipment for the Hendrik Christian Andersen Museum of Rome” at the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio. The initiative was sponsored by the university’s department of Humanities, and has gained much support among students of various relevant disciplines.

The initiative is both a linguistic, statistical and social research survey on museum communication, as well as the study of the application of specific social networks and graphic design within the museum system. The project is in fact aimed at encouraging the use of museum through an integrated, dynamic and clear system for all audiences, destined to render the museum a “friendly” and effective learning environment for the understanding of foreigners and new arrivals in the country.

The project will take place in successive stages: the first involves the activation of various promoters and publicity initiatives, internship opportunities for students, as well as a follow-up presentation of in-progress results in front of a focus group composed of stakeholders from various business and industrial sectors. The third and final stage of the project will be the conclusion and the construction of an established communication system.

For more news on the project’s progress, visit the following websites: www.sed.beniculturali.it, www.unicas.it, www.museoandersen.beniculturali.it

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