\"Logo\"As in the past, Italy will be participating in the European Heritage Day 2012 series, along with other 49 European countries. The program will take place on the 29th and the 30th of September, with the following slogan: “Italy is Europe’s Treasure”.

“European Heritage Days” was launched as a joint initiative between the Council of Europe and the European Commission in order to steer European citizens towards a better mutual understanding of other countries, despite differences in culture and language. This is achieved through the organization of cultural events which highlight local traditions, art and architecture, as well as the rare and extraordinary opening of historic buildings across the continent.

The end goal of the “European Heritage Days” is to make European citizens aware of the wealth and cultural diversity which thrives in Europe, by promoting greater tolerance in the region beyond national borders all the while raising awareness in the public the political world of the need to protect our cultural heritage.

MiBAC will be participating in this large European festival with all its regional offices, as well as organizing events for the occasion. Such events will be open and free to the public at all state-owned cultural sites, including archaeological sites, art and architecture museums, libraries and archives, cinemas, theaters and concerts. Other institutions and organizations will be partnering with these sites to host additional events.

In the spirit of cooperation and partnership, the Ministry of Education and Research in Regions and Autonomous Provinces will be an active participant and organizer in the events. Italian Cultural Institutes will also be involved through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For more information visit www.beniculturali.it

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