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"Enhance and promote cultural heritage internationally" is a strategic objective of the Director General who, through careful promotion policy, is pursuing some major goals that involve (thanks to agreements and multilateral initiatives) international organizations, the European Union, and foreign institutions.

Promotion activities, pursuant to the provisions established under the DL January 22, 2004, N. 42, are essentially aimed at organizing exhibitions. In this way, subject to the priority needs of protection, the international movement of works of art is facilitated, as well as cultural exchange and dialogue between nations.

The Coordination Unit titled “International Relations and Activities” shall liaise with the structures of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Government counterpart responsible for the cultural sector for the promotion of cultural heritage; and provides support in planning and coordination of international events; following organizational aspects of the meetings and international initiatives in coordination with the Office of Diplomatic Adviser; builds and manages a documentation center and an intranet zone in the area of ​​responsibility.



Three examples of particular interest to understand the scope of activities in international promotion and enhancement headed by the Directorate during the period 2010-2011 are those that relate to the intercultural dialogue between Italy and China.

The first was held in Shanghai, where the Directors, at the invitation of the Commissioner General for the 2010 Shanghai Expo, attended the prestigious international showcase for excellence with an exhibition entitled From the gold of Taranto to the Gems of Bulgari. The Excellent of Italian Goldsmiths. The exhibition was held from October 1-31, 2010 in the Italian Pavilion of the Expo.

The exhibition is part of the collection of magnificent jewelry from Magna Greek National Archaeological Museum of Taranto, accompanied by a selection of the historical collection of Bulgari jewelry, inspired by the past. The event, the result of successful collaboration between public and private sectors, has helped to enhance the great goldsmith tradition of our country and at the same time to promote the excellence of Italian jewelers and goldsmiths, able to creatively reinterpret the past and still continue to be modern leaders in the field.

The second will be based in Beijing where, as a result of active participation of the Ministry of Culture in the museum planning of the National Museum of China in Tiananmen Square, an exhibition space will be open for 5 years, starting in autumn 2011, the Tiananmen Square Italy Museum, the first significant example of an Italian museum outside the national borders.

MiBAC thus opens itself up for comparison with a public accustomed to patterns of artistic-visual communication which are completely different from the Western culture, in which communication strategies and the dictates of modern museum design meet completely new terrain.

From this important cultural mediation project, the interest towards our country and the Italian quality of life can be stimulated not only in cultural terms, but probably also in economic terms, without forgetting another important consideration of the system: the processing and the development of an “Italian model” of museum design/management which is replicable and exportable to other geopolitical areas. The project was made possible through a Memorandum of Understanding (LOI) between Italy and China, thus between MiBAC and SACH, its Chinese counterpart, signed by the Ministers of Culture of both countries in 2010.

The third example of international collaboration on issues of cultural heritage will be held in Rome in autumn 2011. The occasion will be the first edition of the Biennale of Culture and Innovation. The event theme will be the Silk Road and trade and cultural links which existed between the ancient civilizations of the Middle East, China, India and Rome.

The event, sponsored by the Municipality of Rome and the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, provides a series of exhibitions, meetings, conferences, shows, and performances to be held in the most important museum spaces of the city.

The Biennale is presented as an integrated cultural action that aims not only to deepen the knowledge of very different cultures between individuals, manufactured products, basic concepts, objectives, geographical coverage and so on, but also aims to create new international relations, strengthening the image of Rome and Italy, as well as the increase in tourism to our country.

The management will participate in defining and shaping of some of the exhibitions that will present, in prestigious museums such as the Museo Nazionale Romano at the Baths of Diocletian, the theme of the silk roads, their development and their importance in the history of our civilization, by making use of modern media technologies.

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