Department I - Management Promotion Programming

Director: Manuel Roberto Guido
Tel. 06 67232276    Fax 06 67232644    e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Department I:

- adopts provisions relating to the acquisition of cultural goods or items according to the methods in Article 21 of the royal decree no. 363 of 30th January 1913, predicated upon the approval of the competent technical-scientific committee;

- takes measures relating to decisions by the Ministerial leadership, according to Article 48, Comma 5 of the law, to assume the risks to which cultural goods are exposed when they are displayed in exhibitions and shows in Italy and abroad;

- assists the General Director, following consultation of the competent bodies, in the preparation of criteria and guidelines for the borrowing or storage of goods or items from cultural institutions and places, according to Article 44 of the law, and furnishes (upon request) the necessary technical-administrative support for the preparation of the relevant acts;

- provides support for the preparation and periodic updating of the minimum uniform quality levels of the cultural promotion activities according to Article 114 of the law and works to increase the quality of the internal services performed by the administration, as well as to monitor and revise the charter of services, in particular the services for the public performed in all of the cultural institutions and places managed by the Ministry, according to Article 11 of the legislative decree no. 286 of 30th July 1999 and subsequent modifications;

- provides support to the Director General in the preparation, monitoring, and checking of (1) the implementation of the institutional agreements between the State and the Regions regarding the promotion of cultural heritage and (2) the agreements for the integrated promotion of cultural goods described in Article 112, Comma 4 of the law and the management of instrumental municipal services according to Article 112, Comma 9;

- provides support to the Director General in the performance of the policy and checking functions pertaining to the promotion of state cultural heritage, performing preliminary activities for the identification of juridical instruments suited for the individual promotion projects and the territorial conditions involved in them;

- likewise provides support in coordination with the regions and the other public and private entities interested in offering the necessary technical-administrative support for the creation of criteria for the (integrated) management of promotion activities, according to Articles 112 and 115 of the law;

- provide for research and experimentation in the fields of state cultural heritage promotion and integrated promotion of cultural goods at the territorial level, according to the agreements enabled by Article 112, Comma 4 of the law;

- oversees the measures associated with the implementation of law no. 77 of 20th February 2006;

- performs, also on the basis of indications from the regional directorates, preliminary activity designed to create guidelines for the identification of the forms of management of promotion activities, according to Article 115 of the law, or otherwise for the identification of the cases in which it may still be necessary to outsource the cultural assistance and public outreach services in a non-integrated form, according to Article 117 of the same law;

- ensures, via the peripheral ministerial offices, that the promotion activities are compatible with the requirements of conservation, according to the principles contained in Article 6 and the criteria contained in Article 116 of abovementioned law;

- provides technical-administrative assistance, in matters within the remit of the General Directorate, in the creation of conventions and contracts involving the Ministry, monitoring their relative costs, standards, and procedural and financial quality levels, including also services for the public;

- oversees the timely preparation of standard forms for calls for bids and conventions involving the outsourcing of services for the public, as well as forms for the establishment of the legal entities enabled by Article 112, Comma 5 of the law;

- provides support to the General Director in the activities of policy, coordination, assistance, and consultation of the institutes and public display venues under the jurisdiction of the General Directorate, also regarding the Act of identification for the technical and scientific criteria and the functional standards of the museums, as well as the Directive on the Charter of service quality;

- oversees the release of guidelines regarding instructions given by the Minister for the stipulation of agreements regarding Articles 102 and 112 of the Code, and for the activities relative to the added services according to Article 115, comma 3, and Article 117 of the same Code;

- oversees the connection between the other Directors General for promotion activities with special attention to those of national institutes, central institutes, and institutes with special autonomous designation;

- oversees the adherence to IT protocols, the organization and management of archives and document distribution, and relationships with unions;

- oversees dispute resolution and judicial matters that come under the authority of the Director General;

- performs activities to oversee the MAXXI Foundation - National Museum of 21st Century Art;

- assists the Director General in the activities inherent in the exercise of shareholder rights of the company Ales S.p.A., according to the Minster’s instructions;

- oversees the management of financial resources assigned by the Director General and the checking of management; the connection between the internal checking service and its own power and the activities for which the Director General is responsible; legal reviews; relationships with the Constitutional Court;

- oversees: the connection with Department II of the General Directorate for the Organization, General Affairs, Innovation, Budget and Personnel for the technical aspects associated with the implementation of public works programs and the related monitoring of these programs; the implementation of annual spending legislation; investigation of opinions regarding aspects of responsibility for annual intervention programs proposed by regional directors on the basis of cash flow data provided by the General Directorate for the Organization, General Affairs, Innovation, Budget and Personnel;

- oversees compliance relative to the implementation of competence management plans of the responsible Center;

- provides the elements necessary for responding to parliamentary acts di indirizzo, controllo e sindacato ispettivo nel settore di competenza;

- oversees investigation regarding payment of expenses for disputes, compensation, and accessories on the part of the General Directorate for the Organization, General Affairs, Innovation, Budget and Personnel;

- ensures the correct function of the scientific-technical committee for the economy of culture;

- oversees the handling of disputes and legal questions regarding issues within the remit of the General Director;

- oversees the investigation connected to the development of management personnel by the General Director, as well as non-management support personnel.

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