Comunicazione e promozione del patrimonio culturale

Department II - Media and Communications
Director: Mario Andrea Ettorre


Tel. 06 67232246  Fax 06 67232920  E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Department II:

- supports the General Director in activities related to communication, promotion and diffusion of awareness of cultural heritage, locally, nationally and internationally, including through specific integrated informative and disclosure campaigns both nationally and internationally, with reference to specific territorial realities or specifically determined cultural paths which are identified and defined by (and the contents of which are developed with the understanding of) the Directors General in charge and the ministerial offices to which the various institutes and places of culture involved in the promotional efforts are entrusted. The information campaigns can also regard institutes and places of culture pertinent to other entities, both public or private, provided there is an understanding between the entities involved;

- supports the General Director in the activities related to the coordination of educational, communicative, dissemination and promotional services according to Articles 118 and 119 of the Code through the Center for educational services, also in relation to the disabled population;

- studies the best practices and new operational models designed to present cultural heritage to the public, also through innovative systems of dissemination, multimedia exposure and virtual models, documentary films, electronic publications;

- encourages the study of cultural heritage in Italy and abroad, also through providing publications in traditional or digital format;

- provides the elements necessary to respond and react to parliamentary laws regarding the direction, control and union activities in this sector;

- oversees the promotion of cultural agreements by request from and in direct contact with institutes of sufficient prestige, both Italian and foreign, whose scope is the organization of shows or expositions according to Article 67, comma 1, letter d), of the Code, and ensures the implementation, using every opportune initiative intended to facilitate the international circulation of art works related to the cultural expositions agreed upon, according to Capo V of Title I of the Second Part of the Code, subject, in each case, to the priority needs of the organization;

- ensures the support of the General Director in planning and coordination activities for national and international exhibits;

- provides for research and experimentation in the field of economy applied to cultural heritage, with particular regard to marketing and promotion of the culture assets’ image and cultural activities in accordance with ministerial directives;

- manages the intangible capital rights that are received by the State from the shows, exhibits, and events;

- oversees, under the authority of the General Director, relationships with the other General Directors;

- oversees dispute resolution and legal questions regarding the department’s area of expertise and authority.

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