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The “Hendrik Andersen and Olivia Cushing Project: between utopia and reality” aims to promote the life and work of Hendrik Andersen, a famous Norwegian sculptor, painter and urban planner. His life and work is exhibited in his former studio turned museum on Via Pietro Stanialao Mancini in Rome, particularly through the biographical diary of Olivia Cushing, the sculptor’s biographer.

The exhibition spans from the time of the Andersen family’s arrival in the United States in 1874 until Hendrik’s death in Rome in 1940.
The multimedia exhibition includes a large number of about 3000 digitized images along with other iconographic documents gathered by targeted public and private video library research, including photographs, films and videos.

The program is to provide a \"Talking Book\" virtual, from page to page, narrates the story of our protagonists: the life, the impressions and emotions, travels the world and in Italy, the intense human relationships.  The journey narrative, brought forth by the diary of Olivia Cushing, the sculptor’s sister, is organized into a series of chapters that narrate the most important phases of the life of Hendrik Andersen.

Visitors of the Andersen Museum will also be led through a tour of the house, where one can walk through the halls of the studio, studying the sculptures on the display in the various rooms of the building. One can also learn about the complex procedure used to design and construct the Roman apartment where the famous artist once resided.




La foto è pubblicata per gentile concessione della Soprintendenza alla Galleria Nazionale di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea. Si ringrazia la Direttrice del Museo Dott.ssa Matilde Amaturo.

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