Progetti e Interventi

The objective of this project is to facilitate access to the paintings of Michelangelo in the New Sacristy, located in the Medici Chapels Museum Complex. Currently, entry to the New Sacristy is obstructed by a large number of structural barriers, which render it difficult for large groups of visitors to simultaneously occupy the room.  Renovations aim to replace the two flights of steep stairs by a set of new facilities and services.

In the immediate vicinity of the area is, created in 1930 after the demolition of houses built at the museum complex will be located, partially hidden by a wall exists, the new elevator that will connect the three levels of the museum: the entrance floor, the lower level of services and the level of the Chapel of the Princes. A new elevator will be installed within the museum, partially hidden by a wall adjoining the museum complex. The elevator will connect the entrance floor, the lower service level and the uppermost level which holds the Chapel of the Princes.

An elevating platform will be installed on the first floor, in the corridor connecting the Chapel of the Princes and the New Sacristy, hence allowing visitors with special needs to enter the Sacristy as well.















Complesso di San Lorenzo: vista planimetrica; in evidenza le architetture di Michelangelo:
1.Controfacciata (tribuna delle Reliquie), 2.Sagrestia Nuova, 3.Biblioteca Laurenziana (sala lettura),

4.Biblioteca Laurenziana (vestibolo, ricetto).


L’immagine inerente al progetto è pubblicata per gentile concessione della Soprintendenza per i Beni Architettonici, Paesaggistici, Storici, Artistici ed Etnoantropologici per le Province di Firenze, Pistoia e Prato.
Si ringrazia l’Arch. Vincenzo Vaccaro, responsabile di progetto.

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