Progetti e Interventi

The archaeological site of the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill presents enormous untapped potention which, through critical review and planning allowed for the development of a proposal containing broad guidelines for the removal of architectural barriers and the enlargement of paths available to all visitors in the area surrounding the monuments.

The project is based on a strong network of environmental, archaeological and architectural platforms which aim to, through minimal but timely interventions, to resolve the obstacles which may be a hindrance to the paths in the Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum. The execution of this initiative will be realized through the study thanks to innovative technologies which will render access to the monument area clearer and easier to use.

The intervention and project has expanded to include the size and type of works to be modified in order to eliminate all physical obstacles:

  • the uneven floors or composed of unsuitable materials,
  • the steep slopes,
  • the steps and stairways that effectively inhibit the entrance to various sites.

The basis of this project is to adopt methods and materials which are compatible with the area’s environmental and architectonic value. Our aim in the project is to provide design solutions for a simplified pathway into the sites in question.
The Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Rome is currently realizing  a few these projects to remove obstacles and structural barriers for easy access:

  • An elevator with the lift capacity of 10 persons is currently being installed at the entrance of the archaeological site of the Roman Forum. The elevator will exceed the height difference of 6.50 m between the entrance and the Imperial Forum ground. Furthermore, the installation of the elevator is fully reversible as it is in fact built into a structure which was excavated in previous years.
  • The second project regards the archaeological site of the Palatine, where a ramp structure will allow visitors to enter a rest area as well as easy access to the upper floor levels, which avoids the use of stairs. The installation of the ramp in the Palatine is made possible the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Rome and thanks to funding from the Directorate General for the Promotion of Cultural Heritage


* Le foto di accompagnamento al testo sono pubblicate per gentile concessione della Soprintendenza Speciale per i Beni Archeologici di Roma. Si ringraziano il Soprintendente Dott.ssa Anna Maria Moretti e l’Arch. Maria Grazia Filetici, responsabile di progetto.

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